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"But why are they called Little Mix? They could have been called Big Mix.Or Maybe Medium-Sized Mix.You coulda' been a Bargain Mix. What about a mix.... tape?"

Hobbies? Luke: "My hobbies are procrastinating and band-ing - that's not a word. Okay." Michael: "I play video games and I lie in bed." Calum: "Sleeping, eating, procrastinating." Ashton: "Um... mostly just drumming."

How do you even deal with all the fans? Luke: "Like, people like me."

Luke: "We're all just really bad at dancing."

Ashton: "Do I look like I know how to twerk? I'm a small blonde boy."

Ashton: "You know, I used to work at KFC..."

Michael: "Meow." Calum: Why do I even try?"

If you were a dinosaur what dinosaur would you be? Ashton: "What's the one with the big-ass neck?" Michael: "A giraffe."

Ashton: "I don't like people."

Were they good students? C, L & M's teacher: "Fantastic students..."

Calum: "But he does get grumpy a lot."

Michael (on Luke): "And, um, in year 9 we hated each other... He wanted to kill me, I wanted to kill him..."

Ashton: "So manipulative! *sidelong glance* See that word?"

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