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Arzaylea is Luke Hemmings's ish-confirmed 'girlfriend'. She started dating Luke in April, 2015 but first pictures of them were in August 2015. 5sos family don't like her very much, but some dare to like her and go against the apparent Fandom norm.

Some say Arzaylea met Luke through Ashton's Ex-Girlfriend Bryana, and some think they met at Kylie Jenners Birthday Party.

Arzaylea is an "Internet influencer." and sponsored by Gummy Bear hair, and many other famous companies (Slimming tea, Fake Lashes and Lip fillers) where she posts daily on mostly Instagram and Twitter but has mostly gained her following through being Luke Hemmings Girlfriend, and many think their relationship is fake or she is a so called "Groupie."

Even though Hemmings hasn't really officially confirmed anything with the internet star, it is still said she lives with him in his Apartment in Syndey and his L.A flat.

But as far as the 5SOS Fandom not many like her, rumored to have told a fan to "Kill Herself."

As another Interview states she says "I'm just a normal girl dating someone not so normal." and that is true, dating a guy who has a huge teen following as its downs and perks.

Even though she is in the lime light of things it's nice to consider she's a human with feelings, and yes she may make mistakes, but looking at the better side of her makes everything easier then putting all your anger towards someone who Luke is dating.

Arzaylea has seen the music industry ever since she was nine when her parents got into it, and maybe that's why she hasn't broken yet, she know's how hard it is, but truly I believe she loves Luke.

Knowing that the internet could go so far to tear her down, just because the way she looks, or some of the mistakes the young internet star has made.

And yes this next sentece might be cheesy; "How would you feel in her shoes?"

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