Arzaylea Rodriguez (born October ,29 1993) is an American social media influencer. Her hometown is Austin, Texas, where she was also born. She is recognized as the ex-girlfriend of 5 Seconds of Summer's Luke Hemmings and rapper Lil Peep. She has three siblings - Arzel Rodriguez (brother), Angel Rodriguez (brother), and Aliezah Rodriguez (sister).

She started dating Luke some time around April 2015, although the first pictures of them together were released August 2015. They were confirmed to have broken up during May 2017.

Before she rose to internet fame, Arzaylea held several small-time jobs. Her father had been associated with the music industry, and it was through her father that she was introduced to music at a young age. While growing up, she was surrounded by musical instruments, as her family encouraged her to excel in music, but unfortunately, that didn't work out too well. As a result, she began working multiple jobs in order to support her family, along with herself. One of the jobs she held was in the city of Los Angeles as a personal assistant, which she worked at for a long period of time with small pay. Piece of shit ugly fame stealing retard

Arzaylea has partnered with various companies such as Vanity PlanetLovesacPopSmileSkinnyMint, and SugarBearHair. She had just recently (as of March 2017) joined a division of Galore Media known as the Kitten Agency - a platform where influencers team up with businesses to create marketing campaigns. She has been active on her social media since 2011, but gained a lot of her following with the acknowledgment that she was romantically involved with famous musicians Luke Hemmings, Blackbear, and Lil Peep. She is making merch for her dead boyfriend and his family isn't happy about it.

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