"Your head's really fluffy!"


  • "Calum literally proposed to me when he asked me to be in the band. He got down on one knee. It was really romantic."
  • "Are you a volcano? Because I lava you".
  • Ashton: Tadpoles are baby turtles. Luke: No, they're not, are you serious? Ashton: Dammit, they're mosquitoes, aren't they?
  • "Some people are sass monsters on Twitter. Like, honey, you need to chill."
  • "I am allergic to cats. The cat in 'Don't Stop' was actually a very small, furry human."
  • "Wearing green underwear today, I feel like a frog."
  • "I also dress up as a sexy fairy".
  • "I would not like to kiss a kiwi fruit."
  • “Remember kids: don’t get emotionally attached to a band. You’ll get pregnant and die.”
  • “Do I look like I know how to twerk? I’m a small blonde boy.”
  • “Apparently I had a boner in the acceptance video…”
  • “This morning I ate a huge omelette and I don’t even like eggs.”
  • “If things are going bad and life is tough, hang in there. Ride it out. Come out on top.”
  • “I’m not dating anyone. I don’t even know where I am half of the time.”
  • "“The best thing about being in the UK is when you wake up and hear the rain. And I love Sainsburys.”
  • "I've got forever and forever is fine."
  • "Thing I want to do before I die... ride a whale naked majestically into the sunset."
  • "Michael, you are YELLING!"
  • "One day someone will hug you so hard that all of your broken pieces will stick back together."
  • "Call the retirement village!"
  • "I think if you're confusing people, you're doing something different, and I love that."
  • "Don't you worry what the bitter hearts will say."
  • "Hey, don't swear!"
  • "Squeeze, Michael! Squeeze!"
  • "Ad lib that son, put some stank on it!"
  • "Damn it! This fucking nipple!"
  • "Can the two huge assholes get out of the playground?"
  • "It was a big ass cat."
  • "I just swore... You can't post this anywhere."
  • "Now that he's gone, we can be happy!"
  • "Look at this hip gyration!"
  • Luke- "Can you twerk?" Ashton- "No, I definitely cannot, I'm half Irish."
  • "You know I used to work at KFC..."
  • "Yeah you can just sniff it, and then accidentally put it in your mouth."
  • "I think I'm old now. Am I old now?"
  • "It's my baby. My baby flamingo."
  • "My dressing room is this big. How big is your dressing ROOOOOOOM? GET SOME!!!"
  • "And I just sit here on the hood? I don't need seatbelts or anything like that?"
  • "All I'm sayin' is my dance moves need to be shared with the world."
  • "Goodnight guys (meaning I'm going to party my ass off now)."
  • "Anyways, fuck yeah smart cars."
  • "2015: made an album, went on a world tour, released an album, world promo tour. I'd say we did as much as we could, loved it, love you all"
  • "When I hear people ordering a giant McDonalds order, I have the urge to cheer them on, in relation to the sheer size of their order."
  • "Thank you Ketchup. You make every meal 10% better..."
  • "Celery, you make every meal 10% worse."
  • "Ashton Irwin ‏@Ashton5SOS · Dec 9
  • "Every time I tweet about celery, I loose 10% of my followers"
  • "I wanna stage dive...but I'm scared I'll crush you."
  • "Jiiiiiiggggllllyyyyy puuuufffff.... JIIIIIIGGGLLLLYYYYY PUUUUFFFFF!"

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