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  • Ashton has really big hands.
  • He loves the spanish language (He said it interview)
  • The boys say Ashton has smelly feet, but apparently he had great foot hygiene until someone spilt a beer down his shoe.
  • He is in love with Will Smith.
  • His favorite singer is Jim Morrison.
  • He used to be in a band called "Swallow The Goldfish".
  • Ashton’s favorite TV show is Family Guy.
  • His favorite movie is Pursuit of Happyness.
  • A few weeks before the band recorded their EP, Ashton always thought EP meant Episode.
  • He is Australian, Irish, and American.
  • Ashton has a weird obsession with Karl Stefanovic.
  • Ashton likes to play on Ikea furniture.
  • He says he is 6 feet tall, and all the boys are pretty much the exact same height.
  • Ashton’s favorite childhood memory is the first time he played the drums in front of an audience.
  • He would date a fan.
  • Ashton hated 5SOS before he joined. He says that they were always mucking around and forgetting words on their YouTube videos.
  • He loves the subject visual arts.
  • Ashton didn’t do Mathematics in year 12.
  • Ashton says he is good at ice skating.
  • He used to be a state level swimmer.
  • He joined 5SOS in December 2011.
  • Ashton says he listens to heavy metal.
  • Ashton likes banana milkshakes.
  • Ashton likes girls who are "unique and beautiful in their own way."
  • The boys say that Ashton is the best listener.
  • A girl tweeted Ashton asking if he would ever wear Crocs, and he replied with "guilty".
  • Ashton said he forgets his keys and has to climb through the toilet window all the time.
  • Ashton said he couldn’t live without Luke, Calum and Michael.
  • Ashton said he loves both summer and winter.
  • His biggest fears are needles and having his wrist broken.
  • Ashton’s favorite album is Trey Songz Chapter 5.
  • Ashton says he really likes some of The Wanted’s songs.
  • His lucky number is 18.
  • Ashton loves Reece Mastin.
  • Ashton has a nickname that only his family calls him.
  • He wants to have a huge concert and donate all the money to charity.
  • Ashton said he auditioned on the Australian version of The X Factor in November 2010.
  • He didn’t have his first kiss until he was 16.
  • Ashton has lost his license before.
  • He likes chicken noodles better than beef.
  • Ashton’s favorite brand of shoes is Vans.
  • Ashton’s favorite Lipton ice tea flavor is peach.
  • He is scared of the dark.
  • Ashton does not like olives.
  • Ashton’s favorite food is spaghetti.
  • His dragon name is Balthasaur.
  • Ashton loves Coldplay.
  • He has broken his arm and his wrist before.
  • Ashton loves blonde jokes.
  • His favorite color is red.
  • Ashton loves Caramel Koalas.
  • Ashton says he would want to be stuck in an elevator with Koshi from Sunrise.
  • When asked what was his favorite thing about touring, he replied: "When the crowd screams your songs back at you! It’s the most amazing thing ever."
  • Ashton likes Justin Bieber.
  • Ashton is Christian.
  • He is the most sensitive one in the band.
  • Ashton got his first drum set when he was 8 years old.
  • If Ashton could collaborate with one of his favourite male and female singers he said it would be Alex Gaskarth & Rita Ora.
  • Ash says he is the most embarrassing member of 5SOS.
  • Ashton’s favorite song to play live is "Year 3000".
  • Ashton snores a lot.
  • Ashton says his favorite Disney movie is Hercules.
  • Ashton wants a band turtle.
  • Ashton’s favorite All Time Low song is Lost in Stereo.
  • Ashton’s favorite song right now is Singing with the King by Go Radio.
  • Ashton’s favorite Justin Bieber song is Right Here.
  • Ashton used to wear glasses until he lost them.
  • If Ashton wasn’t doing music, he said he would be a music teacher.
  • Ashton said he would take Calum if he was stranded on a deserted island.
  • His ex-girlfriend’s name is Jasmine Dorhauer. Their relationship lasted for about a year.
  • Other than the drums, Ashton can play the saxophone, piano and guitar.
  • Ashton’s parents are separated, and his dad is not around.
  • Ashton’s favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate chip.
  • Ashton drew a butterfly on a fan’s wrist so she’d stop cutting herself.
  • One time, Ashton was trying to use a movie theater ticket dispenser as an ATM.
  • Ashton used to work at KFC.
  • Ashton has a One Direction poster in his room.
  • Ashton old Twitter username used to be @ashtonirwin5sos.
  • Ashton’s dog’s name is Indie.
  • About two years ago Ashton said he wanted the Nike tick as a tattoo on his foot.
  • If Ashton were a girl for a whole day, he would go shopping because he says, as a guy, he can’t shop with a passion.
  • Ashton claims he texts like a 12 year old girl.
  • Ashton likes his tea/coffee filled with sugar and milk.
  • Ashton’s favorite food is pineapple.
  • He was attacked by a herd of ducks.
  • He hates ducks.
  • Ashton is allergic to cats.
  • Ashton said his celeb crush was John Mayer and he would turn gay for him.
  • Ashton has made it clear that he does not like Andrew Garfield or any of the movies of the Amazing Spiderman series.
  • He had appendicitis one time and went to the hospital for it sometime in October, 2014.
  • If he could be someone else for a day, he'd be Chad Kroeger from Nickelback
  • Ashton likes Dragon Ball Z

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