• Jasmin.Hunter49009


    November 25, 2016 by Jasmin.Hunter49009

    I am bored listening to 5 seconds of summer!!!!!

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  • KeepC.A.L.M.andLove5sos

    heyyy, im new here. very anti-social person o.O Luke is my soul mate

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  • Klarolineisbae

    Fanfiction 5sos

    March 26, 2016 by Klarolineisbae

    Hey guys,

    I'm writing a fanficiton about 5sos, so I was wondering If you wnat to read it. It's on wattpad my username is: LoveRamonaSalvatore. I hope you love the story. bye nad thanks

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  • Bianca.melany


    March 8, 2016 by Bianca.melany


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  • Gilmore1


    February 29, 2016 by Gilmore1

    Hi Calum ur the best

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  • AngelRose1819

    just added

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  • Hannahdelarea

    being a fan

    January 26, 2016 by Hannahdelarea

    hey, I am Hannah from Philippines. I want to share my story about being a fan of 5 seconds of summer. I start being a fan on summer 2014 their song that i tune in is she looks so perfect that is my favorite song. I have a friends Gwynne and Dona that I influence about this cool band and now they loved 5SOS very much like me. My favorite from all of them is Luke Hemmings he is a cool and serious guy. I did'nt see them already because I don't have a budget or rather a money to go US or Australlia so i have this blog to connect with other fans.

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  • Michael Clifford 4ever

    Hi guys I am a big fan of Luke hemmings, Ashton irwin, and Michael Clifford I love you guys and Michael keep dying your hair I look hot and luke stop growing and Ashton you are so cute.☺

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  • PrettyLittleSpoby
    1. Hey Everybody!. I love this cover of Hey Everybody! by British boyband Hope Club.
    2. Amnesia. There are soooo many good female Amnesia covers (like the ones by: Georgia Merry, Alexi Blue, and ONE Music) but the best is defiantly from LaurenBonnell24!
    3. Heartbreak Girl. Cover by Danielle Mattachini, literally in love with this one!
    4. Heartbreak Girl. A fave of mine since it came out- I am obsessed with Troye Sivan's version of Heartbreak Girl.
    5. Heartache on the Big Screen. Finally, my favorite cover (of my favorite 5sos song) is by SophieCountsClouds and her friend Jen!
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  • PrettyLittleSpoby
    • HWICH 5SOS MEMBER ARE YOU? (I got Luke!)
    • BEST 5SOS MOMENTS OF 2015 - 2 and 14 omg the memories!
    • 5AUCE&WIGGLES- QUIZ!! (I got the Wiggles!)
    • MUSIC VIDEO QUIZ (I got them all ;D)
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  • KAYMAE123

    Calum Hood

    December 3, 2015 by KAYMAE123

    OMG...Calum Hood

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  • Abi xo 5128

    A Member Of The Family

    November 13, 2015 by Abi xo 5128

    He was a very important part of the family and my life he, wasn't only a cat he was my best friend, my furry brother and my cuddle buddy of 14 years, he has been there with me since day one. Every day I would get home from school and you would be there to greet me with a meow and a smile. You brought me so much joy and love into my life, it's never going to be the same with out you my furry friend...I'm going to miss that and mostly I'm going to miss you most of all Timmy. :(

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  • KwongNatalie

    5SOS Fandom!

    September 6, 2015 by KwongNatalie

    I ship Cake as a bromance, I hope 5SOS comes to Hong Kong, I wanted to go to Japan to go to their concert, but I had school. My birthday is next week 12th. So... this is basically it. I want to make new friends so... (does that sound wierd?)

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  • Ivy.G123

    (I realize that I'm probably about to get sterotypical, but I will try my best to not do so)

    Some of 5H fans are being extermily rude about what Ashton has gone through. They make rude comments about his self harming, they will make comments on his father leaving, but I doubt they understadn what it's actually like to go through something like that. Self harm is a very serious thing, and millions go through it. I'm extremly proud of Ashton for over coming something like that, and it's not okay for people to make fun of him for it. And it's not just Harmonizers there are plenty of other fan groups/people who have said similar things. This seriously breaks my heart.

    This morning I got on twitter and saw that an update account had made a commen…

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  • ThatAwkwardWeirdGirl

    Hi Guys

    August 23, 2015 by ThatAwkwardWeirdGirl

    Hi guys! So I'm new to this wiki! I'd like to get to know everyone here! As a little introduction, I've only been in the 5sosfam for a year, I'm a 16 year old, bisexual, CIS girl (Pronouns-She/Her) Michael girl. I am also in the R5Family and Phandom. My twitter and tumblr are both memetrashamanda and my youtube is AwesomeAmanda. I left my old wiki because lack of interest in the topic and because it was horrible for my mental health (there was a lot of homophobia and racism-the homophobia was accepted by the admins)

    And here are my Youtube videos:

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  • Seren 5sos4ever

    English Time

    June 19, 2015 by Seren 5sos4ever

    @ school in English and it is ok but i am so borad. i am thinking about what it would be like to be famous and not having to go to school but have a tutor it would probs be even more boring, i guess i'm stuck in school for now hahaha. i have the song 'Voodoo Doll' by 5sos stuck in my head and i cant get it out. i mean i love 5sos and there is nothing wrong with their music but i hate getting songs stuck in my head. hahahhaha stupid English i mean i know it is necerssey for human life haha listen to my i sound like a parent. Love 5sos 

    my quote for today is:

    Live life to the fullest and live life with God in it

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  • Seren 5sos4ever

    Boring Science

    June 18, 2015 by Seren 5sos4ever

    @ school in stupid science classs and it is super boring. i wish i could have skipped this class and flown straight up to Auckland with my friend Camoren to see 5sos and hang out do some shopping in one of Auckland's vast malls and buy some really awesome stuff for my little brother Justin and i wish my mum didn't make me come to school today. hahahahahaha this is my stupid life so i guess i have to stay in STUPID BORING science!!!!!!!

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  • Seren 5sos4ever


    June 17, 2015 by Seren 5sos4ever

    we are more then half way through WOW and if you read my last post you would know what it means. i am sharing my testimony tomorrow and i am really nervous that i am listening to my 5sos music on repeat and i am freaking out. i really need some nerve calming tips if anyone has any just message me cause quite honestly i need these tips stat so please give em to me asap!!!!!!!

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  • Seren 5sos4ever

    so today i am at school and our chaplen wants me to share my testimony for WOW (Week Of Worship) which is boring btw but anyway so i ahve typed my testimony up and i found out that i am saying it on Thursday which is so not cool man. i mean i guess i did sign up for it but still not cool. i am totally nerves and i just dont want to do it anymore but i guess if i ahd a choice of singing in front of my school and sharing my testimony... nah i would so choose singing over testimony trust me. even though i do not Social Studies today i got reminded by my social teacher that i have the present my protest project tomorrow. hahahahahahahahaha yr10 sucks but oh well that life good thing there is always my loving and supportive boyfriend to back me…

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  • Seren 5sos4ever


    June 14, 2015 by Seren 5sos4ever

    ok so i am really love to sing its something i am really passionate about but i really need help writing my own songs. does anyone know any good songwriting tips for me?? i really need help with this. 

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  • XxBeautifulDollxx

    Pretty girl what's your name, What's your number? I got the keys to my dad's yellow hummer. There's a party you can come if you wanna go tonight alright I'll see you later.

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  • XxBeautifulDollxx

    Hi People?

    June 5, 2015 by XxBeautifulDollxx

    Just now starting this account. Umm don't know what to say. Just sad. Won't see my boyfriend until Monday. Then summer vacation. I leave for 6 weeks. Will be missing bae and besties.

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  • Luke lover 1
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  • Ilylukey


    May 11, 2015 by Ilylukey

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  • Cörey

    Wiki Adoption

    January 5, 2015 by Cörey

    Hello! I'm Cörey, some of you know me, others do not. For those of you who don't allow me to introduce myself. I'm Cörey, formerly known as Corey Chambers. I am a Wikia Star, Community Council member and an administrator on Community Central. I'm also an administrator on the highly popular writing site, Wattpad.

    Two months ago the only semi-active bureaucrat, FairyTail1D, went completely inactive, they have not edited since. This is obviously a problem, if the wiki is invaded or vandalized there is only so much that we as regular users can do.

    Wikia has a solution to this, it is known as adopting a wiki. When a user adopts a wiki they petition the Wikia Staff to give them bureaucrat and sysop rights on the wiki. These rights are given so that…

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  • Mangoflame

    Heartbreak :')

    December 25, 2014 by Mangoflame

    Well I was super excited when I came home from school about a month ago, because my school had decided to host a Canberra Trip where a group of Year Nines would fly to Canberra. I came home and my friend, (we'll call her Fish), Fish, was hell happy too, and then she messaged me:

    "I can't go..."

    Of course, I asked why and she told me she had the 5 Seconds Of Summer Concert that week. I had a laughing fit (I know I know, mean of me) because I was obsessed with them and I was so glad I didn't get tickets. I tell my mum, still in hysterics for some unknown reason and her face just drops.

    And then I start crying because I think I know what she's about to say.

    "Oh Maya I got you 5SOS tickets for Christmas..."

    Life ruined. Kinda...

    I got picked for the…

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  • Amyloves5sos

    Okay,as many of the 5SOSFam will know by now, Abigail Breslin has recently released her new song "You Suck". Breslin hasn't yet confirmed that the song was aimed at her ex, the perfection that is Michael Gordon Clifford. The pair dated last year, with the ending of her saying she cheated on him. With lyrics like, " I hate your dumb tattoo, I wish you'd fly to the moon, where there would be no girls for you to use or screw over," or " Thanks for the tickets to your show, but I just wanted you to know that all your band mates are hotter than you," or " the way you bleach your hair I hope it all falls out," or " I hate that stupid scar above your eye you like you're on drugs," all contribute to the idea that the song was written about Mikey. …

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  • 1DHarryLover

    I Went to go see 5SOS and 1D live in Concert I was screaming alot because I love the boys so much. I am Mainly on the One Direction Wiki. I Love this Wiki to. Here is a gif enjoy my post!!!

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  • Lovecharmed200


    October 16, 2014 by Lovecharmed200

    my favorite one on 5 second of summer is the lead singer LUKE HEMMINGS soooo cute

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  • Xzayvia

    Is it real?

    October 15, 2014 by Xzayvia
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  • DilaraAshton

    I love my Ashton

    September 11, 2014 by DilaraAshton

    Hello I'm DilaraAshton!

    And I'm in love with Ashton!!! When he smill to me I'm going down. When i look in him eyes I'm be happy!!! I'll marry I'm but i can't.

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  • L.M.C.A.fam


    September 10, 2014 by L.M.C.A.fam

    what are you doing guys, i am listening on 5sos music chiao see u later

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  • L.M.C.A.fam


    September 9, 2014 by L.M.C.A.fam

    Hi, I really love 5sos and because i'am greek i want greek's fams to do something and post it on youtube because all i cn see there is Mexico so if you believe i am right just leave a message !!

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  • RayleneR

    Close as Strangers

    September 8, 2014 by RayleneR

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  • Jaxonfladoodle
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  • Amyloves5sos

    "Why are Michael and Calum such beast unicorns?"- Calum Hood.

    Awesomesauce( like my favourite word EVER) That is why, Calum.

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  • Amyloves5sos


    August 23, 2014 by Amyloves5sos

    They are awesomesauce. And that is it.

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  • Mikey4ever


    August 19, 2014 by Mikey4ever

    Why is everyone going around, asking if Michael is gay? Like seriously. Who cares if he is? Would it change what you think of him? I don't understand. Even if he is, I would still wanna rape him. He's too hot not to! He's just.. He's so attractive. To be honest, anyone is lucky to be with him! I would be a little jealous, but dayum! Who wouldn't? Why can't you guys just look past it? And why are people asking if he's emo? What the fuck? Like seriously, he isn't. You don't see him going around wearing all black, and shit! He was expermienting with the eyeliner, get over it! It just makes me so mad, when people ask stupid ass questions! It's stupid. If he was emo, all his pictures would be dark and scary. Well, I saw one the other day, with …

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  • Kiara5sos


    July 22, 2014 by Kiara5sos

    well i'm just writing this because im bored so yeah

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  • Autumn786


    July 14, 2014 by Autumn786
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  • RosalieClifford

    5sos tour

    July 6, 2014 by RosalieClifford

    OMG it's official the boys are coming to the UK next year for their own tour!! I'm soo excited .. Michael here I come

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  • RosalieClifford


    July 2, 2014 by RosalieClifford

    Here are some gifs of the boys

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  • RosalieClifford


    July 2, 2014 by RosalieClifford

    Some gifs of the boys

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  • RosalieClifford

    thank you

    July 1, 2014 by RosalieClifford

    Thank you guys so much for this

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  • RosalieClifford

    This is one of the reasons why I love Michael so much

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    May 24, 2014 by ILYSMCAKEEE
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