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Sounds Good Feels Good
5 Seconds of Summer - Sounds Good Feels Good
Released October 23, 2015
Length 52:57 (standard)
64:28 (deluxe)
Label Capitol Records
Hi or Hey Records
Producer(s) John Feldmann
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She's Kinda Hot
She's Kinda Hot
5 Seconds of Summer - Sounds Good Feels Good
Sounds Good Feels Good
5 Seconds of Summer - Youngblood

Sounds Good Feels Good is the second studio album by 5 Seconds of Summer. It was released worldwide by Capitol Records on October 23, 2015

The deluxe version features 3 additional tracks, while the Target exclusive version features 2 exclusive tracks that are not available on the standard edition of the album. There is also an exclusive green 12" vinyl, which is only available on the official 5SOS store.

The album includes the new single: "She's Kinda Hot", along with "Hey Everybody!" and "Jet Black Heart"

Background and ReleaseEdit


Critical ReceptionEdit

Professional Review Scores:

  • AllMusic: 3/5 stars.
  • Alternative Press: 4/5 stars.
  • Rock Sound: 8/10 . ~
  • The A.V. Club: B- . ~
  • Kerrang!: 4/5 .
  • Rolling Stone: 3/5 stars. ~
  • Sugarscape: 5/5 stars. ~

Review Quotes:

  • "Their second LP shows off their musical knowledge and ambition without getting in the way of their own preternatural adorableness." - Rolling Stone.
  • "These boys have more guts than some bands twice their age." - Rolling Stone.
  • "Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton are back, and on second effort ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ they’re all grown up and marking out their grand plan for the future. It’s a very grand plan, but they do it damn well on ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’" - Rock Sound.
  • "It’s pop-punk at its most polished, expansive and fun, but that’s not all they have in their armory." - Rock Sound.
  • "This is the new broken scene. It sounds great, and it feels even better." - Rock Sound.
  • "The sassy, underdog rallying cry "Permanent Vacation" hints at Green Day’s new-wavier shuffles, while the glammy bubblegum-pop “Hey Everybody!" interpolates some of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf” as it encourages those down on their luck to keep their chin up. The strutting “She’s Kinda Hot” even sounds like the result of late-’90s Sugar Ray becoming sentient." - The A.V. Club.

Commercial PerformanceEdit

  • The album debuted at number one in the band's home country of Australia, with 16,150 album sales.
  • In the United States, the album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with 192,000 equivalent album units.
  • 5 Seconds of Summer are the first band (not vocal group) to achieve number one on that chart with their first two full-length albums.
  • Sounds Good Feels Good is their first UK number one, outselling its nearest rivals by more than two to one.
  • It debuted at number one in other countries including Ireland and Norway.
  • As of December 2015 the album has sold over 500,000 copies in the US alone.
  • It was certified Gold by the RIAA on December 4, 2015.

Track ListingEdit

Standard EditionEdit

# Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. Money Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, John Feldmann, Benji Madden, Joel Madden Feldmann 2:54
2. She's Kinda Hot Irwin, Michael Clifford, Feldmann, B. Madden, J. Madden Feldmann 3:36
3. Hey Everybody! Calum Hood, Stefan Johnson, Jordan Johnson, Marcus Lomax, Clarence Coffee, Jr., B. Madden, J. Madden, John Taylor, Simon Le Bon, Andy Taylor, Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes The Monsters and the Strangerz, Feldmann 3:16
4. Permanent Vacation Hemmings, Clifford, Mike Green, B. Madden, J. Madden Mike Green 3:25
5. Jet Black Heart Hood, Clifford, David Hodges, Jon Green Hodges 3:41
6. Catch Fire Hemmings, Clifford, Green, Alex Gaskarth Green 3:27
7. Waste The Night Irwin, Hood, Hemmings, Clifford, Feldmann, J. Kash Feldmann 4:26
8. Vapor Irwin, Hood, Hemmings, Clifford, Feldmann, Simon Wilcox Feldmann 2:59
9. Castaway Hood, Hemmings, J. Johnson, S. Johnson, Lomax Coffee, Sean Maxwell Douglas The Monsters and the Strangerz, Feldmann 3:34
10. Fly Away Hood, Hemmings, Feldmann Feldmann 3:32
11. Invisible Irwin, Hood, Hemmings, Clifford, Feldmann, Roy Stride Feldmann 3:32
12. Airplanes Clifford, Feldmann Feldmann 3:38
13. San Francisco Hood, Clifford, Feldmann, Bonnie McKee, Sarah Hudson Feldmann 4:19
14. Outer Space/Carry On Irwin, Hood, Hemmings, Clifford, Feldmann, Wilcox Feldmann 6:38

Deluxe EditionEdit

On this version of the album, tracks 1 to 6 are the same as on the standard version, and three new tracks are added. The rest of the songs remain the same, with minor changes in the track numbers.

# Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
15. Safety Pin Hemmings, Feldmann, Emily Warren Feldmann 3:29
16. The Girl Who Cried Wolf Irwin, Hood, Hemmings, Clifford, Feldmann Feldmann 3:23
17. Broken Home Hood, Clifford, Hemmings, Feldmann, B. Madden, J. Madden Feldmann 3:40

Target exclusive bonus tracksEdit

# Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
18. The Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place/Catch 22 Hood, Clifford, Michael Joseph Green Feldmann 3:23
19. Story of Another Us Hemmings, Josh Ramsay Feldmann 3:56