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Tori is 5 ft 4.

Tori is 13

she has blonde hair and blue eyes that change colors to her mood.

she loves video games and pizza.

she loves the colors red,blue and green.

she has been in TV shows and has a YouTube account (Tori Butler)

Tori's birthday is 10-31-02.

she's in a band called since summer.

she has a Instagram (penguin_lover_7)

Tori plays the guitar and is a vocalist.

if she could be anyone in the world she would be Luke Hemmings.

Tori says "Luke Hemmings is so sweet and he is pretty much a little toothpick like me he

her mom is Taria millsaps and her dad is Tony Butler

she has 2 sisters and 3 brothers Kate,Kourtany.Doltan,Hunter,Ryan

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