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so im just sitting in my room just listening to music aka 5 Seconds Of Summer nd One Direction (1D) nd Pierce The Veil nd Black Veil Brides nd Avenged Sevenfold nd Of Mice & Men nd Asking Alexandria nd Bring Me The Horizion nd BlessTheFall Escape The Fate nd Falling In Reverse nd other bands tht i like/love coz of me being musically diveresed but like im just sitting in my lonely ass room being bored nd reading fanfics bout the boys nd the other bands i listed nd werewolf fanfics too nd other types of fanfics nd im like damn is this wat my life has come to staying up late coz of my insomnia nd just reading nd listening to music at like 05:35am in the morning nd so on wif the time varing  like shit but o well coz i love music nd reading tho so its okay but like i just wish i wouldnt be so bored u know? like u feel me coz sometime but most of the time whn im bored i start to thinnk nd whn i start to think i think of bad scary thoughts tht aint good exspecially wif me having bipolar/bipolar depression/depression/severe depression/anxiety attacks/panic attacks/adhd/nd other things so i start to get rlly sad nd thn i start to cry nd stuff nd thn i start to get my suicidal thoughts nd thn i think of relapsing but thn i think tht i cant coz i have so many ppl here tht love nd care nd will miss me nd thn i start to think of 5 Seconds Of Summer nd One Direction (1D) nd all the other bands tht i named nd didnt named tht i like/love coz they r wat help me get thorugh all of my sad/depressing times so i will say this one thing THANK YOU 5 Seconds Of Summer nd One Direction nd the other bands i say a HUGE BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of my hear

t :)

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