Hello! I'm Cörey, some of you know me, others do not. For those of you who don't allow me to introduce myself. I'm Cörey, formerly known as Corey Chambers. I am a Wikia Star, Community Council member and an administrator on Community Central. I'm also an administrator on the highly popular writing site, Wattpad.

Two months ago the only semi-active bureaucrat, FairyTail1D, went completely inactive, they have not edited since. This is obviously a problem, if the wiki is invaded or vandalized there is only so much that we as regular users can do.

Wikia has a solution to this, it is known as adopting a wiki. When a user adopts a wiki they petition the Wikia Staff to give them bureaucrat and sysop rights on the wiki. These rights are given so that the user can keep the wiki nice and clean for other users. Adopters are also able to promote, as well as demote, other administrators on the wiki. They can also promote, but not demote, other bureaucrats on the wiki.

Since FairyTail1D has not edited in the past two months the 5 Seconds of Summer wiki is officially eligible to be adopted. I'd like to adopt the wiki, and promote both Sambaroses and PandaLuver26 to administrators to aide me in maintaining the wiki, assuming of course they would be willing to take on the role.

It usually takes around one week for an adoption request to be reviewed by the staff members, during this time if you have any questions/comments/concerns about the adoption please leave them in the comments below and I'll be sure to address them as quickly as possible.


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