(I realize that I'm probably about to get sterotypical, but I will try my best to not do so)

Some of 5H fans are being extermily rude about what Ashton has gone through. They make rude comments about his self harming, they will make comments on his father leaving, but I doubt they understadn what it's actually like to go through something like that. Self harm is a very serious thing, and millions go through it. I'm extremly proud of Ashton for over coming something like that, and it's not okay for people to make fun of him for it. And it's not just Harmonizers there are plenty of other fan groups/people who have said similar things. This seriously breaks my heart.

This morning I got on twitter and saw that an update account had made a comment on how rude some of the people were being over 5sos winning, Ashton responded to the updates account's tweet by saying 

"they aren't #worthit" 

Honestly, they really aren't but they still need to stop doing this to him. Ashton has saved my life more times then I would want to ever addmit to. And if you can't say something nice about him, then you are a fucking bitch who needs to be fucking grounded by your god damn parents beecuase that shit isn't acceptible.

Just because someone is famous or well know doesn't change that it is rude and disrespectful, and I don't understadn how "trolling" isn't considered cyberbully. Like WHAT DUMB ASS DECIDED THAT? Just because you have a following doesn't mean you don't have feelings

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