• Mangoflame

    Heartbreak :')

    December 25, 2014 by Mangoflame

    Well I was super excited when I came home from school about a month ago, because my school had decided to host a Canberra Trip where a group of Year Nines would fly to Canberra. I came home and my friend, (we'll call her Fish), Fish, was hell happy too, and then she messaged me:

    "I can't go..."

    Of course, I asked why and she told me she had the 5 Seconds Of Summer Concert that week. I had a laughing fit (I know I know, mean of me) because I was obsessed with them and I was so glad I didn't get tickets. I tell my mum, still in hysterics for some unknown reason and her face just drops.

    And then I start crying because I think I know what she's about to say.

    "Oh Maya I got you 5SOS tickets for Christmas..."

    Life ruined. Kinda...

    I got picked for the…

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