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    August 19, 2014 by Mikey4ever

    Why is everyone going around, asking if Michael is gay? Like seriously. Who cares if he is? Would it change what you think of him? I don't understand. Even if he is, I would still wanna rape him. He's too hot not to! He's just.. He's so attractive. To be honest, anyone is lucky to be with him! I would be a little jealous, but dayum! Who wouldn't? Why can't you guys just look past it? And why are people asking if he's emo? What the fuck? Like seriously, he isn't. You don't see him going around wearing all black, and shit! He was expermienting with the eyeliner, get over it! It just makes me so mad, when people ask stupid ass questions! It's stupid. If he was emo, all his pictures would be dark and scary. Well, I saw one the other day, with …

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