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June 14, 2015
  • Seren 5sos4ever

    English Time

    June 19, 2015 by Seren 5sos4ever

    @ school in English and it is ok but i am so borad. i am thinking about what it would be like to be famous and not having to go to school but have a tutor it would probs be even more boring, i guess i'm stuck in school for now hahaha. i have the song 'Voodoo Doll' by 5sos stuck in my head and i cant get it out. i mean i love 5sos and there is nothing wrong with their music but i hate getting songs stuck in my head. hahahhaha stupid English i mean i know it is necerssey for human life haha listen to my i sound like a parent. Love 5sos 

    my quote for today is:

    Live life to the fullest and live life with God in it

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  • Seren 5sos4ever

    Boring Science

    June 18, 2015 by Seren 5sos4ever

    @ school in stupid science classs and it is super boring. i wish i could have skipped this class and flown straight up to Auckland with my friend Camoren to see 5sos and hang out do some shopping in one of Auckland's vast malls and buy some really awesome stuff for my little brother Justin and i wish my mum didn't make me come to school today. hahahahahaha this is my stupid life so i guess i have to stay in STUPID BORING science!!!!!!!

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  • Seren 5sos4ever


    June 17, 2015 by Seren 5sos4ever

    we are more then half way through WOW and if you read my last post you would know what it means. i am sharing my testimony tomorrow and i am really nervous that i am listening to my 5sos music on repeat and i am freaking out. i really need some nerve calming tips if anyone has any just message me cause quite honestly i need these tips stat so please give em to me asap!!!!!!!

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  • Seren 5sos4ever

    so today i am at school and our chaplen wants me to share my testimony for WOW (Week Of Worship) which is boring btw but anyway so i ahve typed my testimony up and i found out that i am saying it on Thursday which is so not cool man. i mean i guess i did sign up for it but still not cool. i am totally nerves and i just dont want to do it anymore but i guess if i ahd a choice of singing in front of my school and sharing my testimony... nah i would so choose singing over testimony trust me. even though i do not Social Studies today i got reminded by my social teacher that i have the present my protest project tomorrow. hahahahahahahahaha yr10 sucks but oh well that life good thing there is always my loving and supportive boyfriend to back me…

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  • Seren 5sos4ever


    June 14, 2015 by Seren 5sos4ever

    ok so i am really love to sing its something i am really passionate about but i really need help writing my own songs. does anyone know any good songwriting tips for me?? i really need help with this. 

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